Six Points To Consider When Holding an Exhibition

Gallery 107 is very proactive in showcasing local and emerging artists and is delighted to assist any artists in bringing their work to exhibition. Those artists who have already presented their work will know that mounting an exhibition is no mean feat. Success involves a great deal of behind-the-scenes liaison and hard work.

So as an artist what do you need to consider when it comes to presenting an exhibition? The goal of this blog post and future posts are aimed to arm you with the knowledge to make things run a little smoother.

So here are a few things to consider when planning your up coming exhibition.

1. Title of Exhibition

Any exhibition held has a title this distinguishes them from other exhibitions and of course gives potential visitors and idea about the story being conveyed by your exhibition. Consider including your name if you are doing a solo exhibition.

2. Synopsis

Following on from the story conveyed by your title. The synopsis describes your exhibition in more detail. A few sentences on the story behind your work, medium used and motivation give weight to the exhibition title.

3. Artwork Images

Don’t be afraid to photograph your work. How are you going to reach your audience if they don’t know you exist? That being said, not all of your works need to be photographed. Key pieces that entice and generate interest in your exhibition is what you should be aiming for.

Large, high resolution images are best to work with. They can be repurposed for, print and online use without degrading quality and reproduction.

If you have a blog or website that makes reference to your artwork or the process, providing links allows your audience to find you after the exhibition. Prices should be included if you are selling your work.

4. Events

Are you conducting any events around your exhibition? People do love to connect with the artist so it is worth considering the possibility. The gallery also has facilities to conduct workshops, other events to consider are:

  • Opening reception

  • Demonstrations

  • Gallery Talks

5. Dates

Gallery operating hours impact the time frame people will be able to interact with your exhibition. The medium used to created your artworks will determine the time you require to set up and install your works at the gallery. Both of these points should be kept in mind when planning the opening and closing of your exhibition. Don’t forget to include the closing date on any promotional material, not everyone can make it to an opening.

If you are considering an exhibition, the gallery team are delight assist you. Contact us today for exhibition information kit.