Piecing It Together

Various Artwork and media from Dalby Creative Arts Group / © The artists.

Piecing it together is an interesting compliation of patchworked quilts from the members of the Dalby Quilting & Applique Club. Come explore the various quilting techniques and stories that have helped shaped the final pieces on display.


Most of the quilts are created for family and friends or simply because the fabric was liked. However not all of the clubs work is for the fun of it! Many of the quilters also create work to support such organisations as , Youngcare, Cancer Council and premature babies. 


The whole gallery is dedicated to this exhibition which opens on 02 June. The official opening will be held Friday evening  03  June at 06:30pm 



Pauline Shephard

Joan Goodwin

Teressa Bennett

Margarett Izer

Jennifer Hintz

Pat Wanka

Alison Smith

Roslyn Wegener

Jan McMaw

Irene Garaven

Bernadette Morrow

Jenelle Stirling

Margaret Whackett

Lynda Bower

Ronnie Carter

Roslyn Peak

Linda Loy

Donna Christensen

Angelika Lewis

Lorna Laverty


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