Magical Objects and Dark Stories

Ellie Coleman and Dr Beata Batorowicz, Australia / Magical Objects and Dark Stories  (1 of 5 photographs) 2016 / photograph / © The artists.

Magical Objects and Dark Stories explores the role of folklore and personal mythologies that ritualise the process of art making. Art and life become interwoven through dark stories that convey messages of warning, protection and caution. Simultaneously, the works lure and engage audiences within its enchanted and textured world. 


This exhibition brings together a unique teacher/established artist and student/emerging artist collaboration addressing dichotomies around life and death, human and animal, fact and fiction through a series of symbolic self-portraits and magical objects. These objects resonate as sculptural relics, narrating not only our rites of passage but also representing them as magical rituals. 




The Artiststs

Ellie Coleman

is a commencing Doctor of Creative Arts student at the University of Southern Queensland and is a recipient of the USQ Summer Research Scholarship 2015. This exhibition marks the first project outcome for this research program and is planned to be extended into an international exhibition series.


Dr Beata Batorowicz

is a Senior Lecturer in Sculpture & Bachelor of Creative Arts Program Coordinator at the University of Southern Queensland.  Batorowicz is a contemporary artist exhibiting internationally.



Ellie Coleman and Dr Beata Batorowicz would like to thank:


Professor Peter Terry

Director of Research Training & Development

University of Southern Queensland


USQ DVC Research & Innovation Division


Sally Charlton

Dalby Art Gallery


Grace Yu

USQ Photography


David Usher

Senior Technician – Creative Arts

School of Arts and Communication, USQ