Corners Of Our Minds

Corners of our minds rekindles the memories of certain freedom that was afforded most Australians, forged by the sacrifice of Fathers and Mothers in that "dreadful field of human conflict" WWII.
The theme of the exhibition is called "Corners of Our Minds" and reflects on that time with subjective and informed chronicles from the war.
Malcom Just and Neville Hodge joined the 25th Battalion, a militia force destined for foreign shores. These young men came from similar geographical locations. 
While at Cabarlah, where they were camped before deployment, they were cited as an outstanding militia unit and other units were told to emulate their obstacle course and their fitness programme and as a result, the 25th was the first Militia Brigade to be selected to go to New Guinea to defend Australia. 
Artists Christine and Jayne became friends while attending The Glennie Memorial School and the arts was a common bond. 
Corners of Our Minds celebrates this friendship with a collaboraitve and diverse body of work.