A Trio of Arts

Various Artwork and media from Dalby Creative Arts Group / © The artists.

Gallery 107 @ Dalby is delighted to be hosting A Trio of Arts, a collection of works from Dalby’s longest running Arts group. Now known as Dalby Creative Artists, the groups history dates back to 1958 when Mrs Dorothy Bell an employee  of the Commonwealth Bank, formed the Dalby Art Group. 


At their inaugural  exhibition in 1959 then mayor Ald. Drew said “Art and drama mean a great deal, for they represent a cultural side of life, a side which, unless cultivated, will never grow of it's own accord. It is necessary, if you wish to enjoy life, to have something more than the necessities.” The standard of work hasn’t wavered  over the years, the up coming exhibition presents works in the fields of pottery, glass work and painting.


The whole gallery is dedicated to this exhibition which opens on April 22nd. The official opening will be held Friday evening  29 April at 7:00pm 



About Gallery 107 @ Dalby: Gallery 107 @ Dalby is Dalby's contemporary, vibrant and interactive art gallery. The gallery’s aim is to showcase, support and nurture local creative talent by reserving a proportion of its exhibition program for artists from across the Western Downs Region.


Robyn Buckley
Maree Cameron
Glora Chiverton
 Megg Cullen 
Isabelle Laffey
Mark Morrison
Sherenne Powell
Mary Tierney
Bob White



Potters & Sculptors

Sylvia Bailey

Phyllis Chapman

Megg Stevenson

Errol White