gallery107 @Dalby


Address: Marble Street, Dalby - Down near the Park on the Creek.

Tel:  +61 490 087 540

We have moved to Marble Street


Gallery107@Dalby have moved in with the Creative Artists and the Potters at the Dalby Art Centre.   

We have been working with council staff who have helped us with getting the front room ready for us to move into. 

We have also put up an wonderful array of painting by our local artists which are all for sale. 

We also have our art supplies, including Paints and Easels. 

We still have a large range of  Gifts and Cards. 

My volunteers are there waiting to have you visit.


IMG_0246 (2).JPG

Gallery107@Dalby have made the move to our new venue.   We are excited and our wonderful volunteers will still be offering our art supplies, merchandise and workshops.  We may even get to have a few small exhibitions.  Please continue to support us and we will keep you posted.  We might even have a little event to show off our new to us venue.  We would like to thank WDRC for their support in finding us a new home.  We hope it won't really take two years to renovate MyALL 107.

See you soon.